“The North”

My photographic find of the day – thanks RSJ – is the photographer John Bulmer, currently showing “The North” in Cardiff.

This from the press release:

John Bulmer travelled the North of England documenting the changing everyday life of working class during the ’60s and the ’70s. At this time the region was undergoing a vast transformation, from being the industrial heart of Britain built on coal mines and cotton mills to a more diverse society in both culture and economy. In his travels Bulmer captured the distinct beauty and charm of the local people and their industrial settings, breaking with the stereotypical image of the North being a deprived and rundown area. He approached his subjects without preoccupations and illustrated the mysterious North in an innovative way. As opposed to most photography of this period, The North features the extensive use of colour photography bringing us in unique detail a time and place long gone.






The Black Country, 1961














Durham, 1964







Durham, 1965







Manchester, 1976

For more details, go to www.johnbulmer.co.uk/


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