Linda of the day #3

Day three of my series about the photography of Linda McCartney. Today I have chosen four photographs from the beginning of Linda’s photographic career, when she was primarily known as a rock photographer.

Although Linda took lots of live music photos as well, I particularly enjoy her behind the scenes assignment work of the late ’60s. As she got to be a familiar face on the music scene, she was able to photograph many of the major artists of the day as they relaxed – which made for some great photos. I think one of her major strengths was that she treated all her subjects the same, thus getting to the real person, be they famous or not.


The first photograph today is from Linda’s very first assignment for Town & Country magazine, on June 24, 1966.










Brian Jones



And more of her work from the late ’60s follows








John Lennon










Janis Joplin










Michael J. Pollard


More of Linda’s photos from the ’60s can be found in this book, which is well worth checking out..














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