I have been seeking PF Sloan

…but no one knows where he has gone…

In November 1970 Jimmy Webb released the album Words And Music, which contained his nod to his former compadre, entitled ‘PF Sloan’.




Phil Sloan had, after a very early start as a successful songwriter, retired from the music world at the tender age of 23, due to business, legal and health problems, and had effectively dropped out of sight.



He didn’t hear the tribute till the following year: “I first heard it at a hot dog stand on Sunset Boulevard. The Association were singing it. It was 1971. I had borrowed some coins for coffee… I was away from music and living on someone’s couch. I thought to myself, ‘God is still alive, and remembers and loves me.”




The song was – and still is – covered by a number of artists. Here’s the best version

Read more about PF Sloan in his new book, out now (?).




I had the good fortune to spend a small but supernatural space of time with Phil in Spain and London. The last of him I saw was indeed when he turned the corner all alone…



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